What Does Your Food Say?

Here we are a bunch of guys interested to know exactly what we eat and what our food comprises. But there are other few not so fitness focused group of people who eat no matter what is being stated to be included in the food items. In order to make the most out of the food you take, you should know what that bottle of juice contains, how much calories does that pizza compose, how much nutritional supplements that protein powder you purchased recently contains. When you know the answer for all these questions, you shall be the master of what you eat. You can choose from the different options then to get the nutritional values you want.

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Have A Look At The Label; What Does It Have To Say?

Every other food product available in the market comes with a label that indicates the product inside, the quantity of the product present, nutritional value of the product, what is the date of expiry, storage specifications and pricings. The point that captures our interest here is the product and its nutritional values. Our aim should be to understand the nutritional label and evaluate the same. The label indicates different nutrients and its quantity per serving. In case you think eating so much fat can make you fat don’t be in that misconception. Body weight is determined by the overall calorie intake and utilization. The other point that is to be understood here is not to believe the labels blindly. This is because some of the details can be misleading. Here are a few misleading labels that you should cautioned about.

Sugar Free Products

Fitness freaks are always behind these products. Their argument is that they are going for food that does not contain sugar at all. Agreed, there are no sugars, but there are surely the precursors of sugar that is carbohydrates. So, if you happen to drink cold drinks without sugar, look for the sweetening agents that can be rich in carbohydrates.

Omega 3 Rich Products

In case you want a right balance of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, it is important to know that what form of omega 3 fats are present in the product. There are basically 3 types of omega 3 fats of which only omega 3 DHA EPA is proven to have health – anti-inflammatory benefits.

Probiotics Rich Products

Nowadays, yogurt is rich in probiotics and is widely claimed to be extra healthy for children and youth. In case you are purchasing some pasteurized food, it should strike your minds that no matter whatever probiotics the manufacturer claims to add in it, probiotics will be inactivated in the process of pasteurization. With the stringent rules of USFDA it is difficult for the manufacturers to create such products with labels just for gimmicks. Rather than falling prey for the money hungry manufacturer is risky as food is part of life and form out lives. Let us be safe and inform out friends also to be safe.

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