Top 9 Tricks to Get Yourself to the Gym


Getting to the gym is a necessary evil for most! The calories needed to be burnt looks insurmountable and you feel drained at the very thought of hitting the gym and sweating it out. That will not solve your health issues. You have to find motivation out of thin air and go to the gym regularly. To make the job easier for you, I have come up with the top 10 tricks to cajole yourself into the gym or you can hire a local personal trainer in Chelsea! Read on:

  • 10 Minute Bait: Tell yourself that you will be in the gym for only 10 minutes and then you will out of that place! This will motivate you enough the hit the gym and start your exercise routine. Once you begin, continuing it beyond 10 minutes becomes so much easier.
  • Reward Yourself: For every time you hit the gym, designate a little reward for yourself. Many gym-phobic people end up rewarding themselves with a doughnut or chocolate bar that undoes all the hard work you put in at the gym! Reward yourself with something that won’t hurt your health.
  • Grab the Bull: Go straight to the gym when you are feeling tired and lazy. The more you brood over going to the gym, the surer your chances will be of not making it there! Do not allow yourself the luxury to debate the decision in your mind. If you have to do it, do it now.
  • A Dream Dress: This works especially well for women who love to flaunt gorgeous clothes. Get that dream dress home and keep it out on sight as a motivation! Your gym sessions are just steps to fit into that dress and turn heads. The very thought will propel you towards the gym.
  • Get a Friend: It always works for a gym-hater to tag a friend along at the gym sessions. Of course, that friend must be a gym enthusiast or you might both be watching TV on the couch! A gym loving friend is exactly what a gym sluggard needs to keep themselves motivated.
  • Role Play: Buy yourself some excellent gym gear, clothes and accessories. You will love to wear them and get dressed. And where do you head in gym clothes? The gym! This is a kind of role play that works for many who are not much enthused by the gym.
  • Coexisting Joy: When you are working on the treadmill or lifting weights, listen to music or watch movies on a tablet placed nearby. You can also read a book on the Kindle or tablet. The idea is to do something you love along with something you hate to do: exercise. The joy will soon overpower your hatred to sweat it out and you will end up counting the blessings.
  • Money Matters: This trick works great for people who like to bet and then win those bets. Place some money on the challenge that you will lose kilos by the end of a month or a couple of weeks. Pay up to your friend or family member who takes the challenge with you.
  • Gym Bag Packed: The gym bag must remain packed and ready. Let not packing a gym bag be your excuse to skip a gym session!

Picture Perfect: If you are looking to get back into shape, place an old picture of you in the shape that you lost out on. Some also feel motivated with pictures of their iconic actors or celebrities. Above article has been contributed by RJ Fitness. And please don’t forget to suscribe because we are going to do a raffle son for a stroller, so if you want to get baby strollers stay tuned.


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