Top 5 Cool Gifts for Teenage Kids (that don’t cost a fortune)

Teenagers can be exceptionally difficult to buy gifts for.  Gone are the days when you could go into a toyshop blindfolded, pick out a selection of toys and guarantee that they’d be delighted with your purchases.  Sometimes it feels like teenagers don’t like anything anymore.  You used to think you knew your little angel, but suddenly you don’t know what they like at all and everything you buy is just so uncool they wouldn’t be seen dead with it by their friends.  If the only things that feature on your kid’s wishlist are a laptop, mobile phone and other expensive fashion accessories then you might be feeling close to despair at what to buy.  Here are our top 5 cool gifts for teenage kids (that don’t cost a fortune!)

Mobile phone extras

Teenagers seem to have their mobile phones permanently glued to their hands in this modern age.  If your kid uses their mobile phone like an extension to their arm then at least you know that an accessory for their mobile phone will get lots of use.  Try mobile phone portable speakers, docks and novelty headphones for teenagers that get separation anxiety if they’re apart from their phone for 5 minutes.  You can even buy a portable microscope add-on for smart phones.

Novelty food machine

Teenagers love junk food.  Novelty food makers are great fun and allow kids to whip up their own snacks for them and their friends during sleepovers.  There are plenty of different ones available including donut makers, candy floss machines, popcorn machines and cake pop makers.

Magazine subscription

Magazine subscriptions are the gift that just keeps giving every month.  If your teen regularly buys a certain magazine or has a particular interest or hobby try signing them up for a 6 or 12 month subscription.  Got a fashion conscious teenage girl to buy for? Get her a subscription to Vogue magazine or a girly gossip mag.  For teen boys try a music magazine like NME or their favourite football club’s magazine.

Slogan T shirts

It is notoriously difficult to buy clothes for teenagers.  No matter how certain you are that the item you buy is their style they probably won’t wear it if it’s not got the right label in.  However one item you can’t go wrong with is funny slogan T shirts. Choose a funny slogan T shirt about something you know your teen is interested in, finds funny, or about something topical you’ve heard them talking about.

An experience day

Rather than giving your teenage kid an item that they may not like why not give them a gift of a memorable experience.  You could either enjoy their experience day together or they could take a friend along. Give them the gift of an inspiring, fun day and great lasting memories.  Experience days come in all shapes and forms to cater for people of all different interests including the chance to drive a sports car, take a helicopter ride, participate in a cake decorating class, be a zookeeper for a day, take a tour of a football team’s stadium or simply a trip to the theatre, ballet or a gig.

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