Taking Tatiomax Glutathione: Safe or Not?

Glutathione has been used across the globe due to its effectiveness both in health and the field of cosmetics. Dermatologists have recommended Glutathione to those who seek a safe way of whitening the skin while benefiting from its antioxidant and detoxifier properties. Glutathione in its reduced form is now growing in popularity due to its more powerful intervention in protecting the body from toxins and for other good reasons, needless to say, that it is safe and does not entail any harmful effects.

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Reduced Glutathione is said to be the body’s “master antioxidant”. Broadly speaking, Glutathione is very vital in the preservation of every cell in the body which means that the absence or degradation of this antioxidant will cause the eventual death of cell. As an Anti-oxidant, Glutathione is also responsible for transporting the amino acids in the body and removing the toxins which the body produces naturally. More importantly, reduced Glutathione protects the body from the free radicals roaming around that can harm us as we inhale oxygen.  These free radicals will interfere with our respiration process so it is important to be protected and secured of such harmful effect. Reduced Glutathione will keep our bodies working positively and prevent it from going downhill.

Prevent diseases specifically of the eye

Glutathione also prevents diseases most especially of the eye. According to a study conducted by the Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, the reduced compound of Glutathione happens to contain high concentration in the lens where the tissues therein are maintained effectively. Since the sunlight or the UV radiation is a powerful oxidizing agent that may affect some parts of the eye, reduced Glutathione comes into the picture to avert the damage of sunlight caused by the free radicals. With this vital role, cataracts are prevented to happen which would most likely happen to people as they age. Reduced Glutathione is indeed a potent protector of our eyes that help ward off eye diseases. Aside from, this amino acid is also effective in promoting good and functional respiratory and digestive system.


The free radicals are caused by various ways—the air that we constantly breath, the food that we eat, and the sunlight that we absorb during sunny days. Thus, our body is constantly exposed to the harmful effects of these radicals that also affect our body in various ways including cell depletion and eventually, the increase of aging process. Reduced Glutathione happens to be the forefront in the defense mechanism for anti-aging and the overall health. When we use Glutathione, bad toxins cannot easily penetrate into our bodies. For short, as long as our body can continuously prevent free radicals from entering into our different systems, the aging progression will decrease dramatically and in this process, reduced Glutathione can be very essential.

Healthy Body (Vitamin C)

Mostly taken in orally and present in almost all of the most important fruits, Vitamin C is another great antioxidant that helps protect the body and reduce the damages by the free radicals. Vitamin C itself can prevent the exhibition of dry skin and signs of aging, and can also reduce sunburn caused by the Ultraviolet B radiation. Vitamin C is also a good regulator of collagen to keep the skin supple and fair. Studies have shown that for Vitamin C to effectively work as an antioxidant, Glutathione itself should be present.

Effective Skin-whitening

When the sunlight comes in contact with the skin, the melanin process is triggered to increase resulting to darker skin. Using Glutathione decreases the speed of melanin formation to slow down skin pigmentation, hence, producing a fairer and whiter skin. The effect of Glutathione may be seen slowly because the whitening effect starts action first inside the skin, the dermal layer, up to the epidermal layer. Although the appearance of the desired skin tone can be visible only after a some time, the whitening mechanism of the Glutathione includes the entire body including from head down to the feet resulting an even tone throughout.


Too much of something is bad. In taking reduced Glutathione, one should be cautious of the recommended time of taking, given by the legitimate dermatologists and those knowledgeable in Glutathione to prevent any complications that may arise.

Reduced form of Glutathione is safe to take—after all these advantages and benefits that concern not only the skin but also in our overall health. Tatiomax Glutathione is a popular and effective reduced Glutathione that contains all these amazing benefits for women and men alike.

Suzanne Boleche is a Health & Beauty expert and is well known in her native Philippines for her generous heart and open spirit.

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