Practical Ways to Protect Your Family from EMF Effects

EMF radiation is everywhere you go. At home and in the office, there is harmful EMF radiation emitted. Recent studies on these emissions link them to current health issues. Diseases such as cancer and brain tumours were non-existent many years ago. However, their spread across the world could be as a result of unprotected magnetic and electrical fields emitted by electronic devices. Although we can’t do away with the latest technology, there are ways we can protect our families from these emissions.

Minimise use of EMF emitting devices

This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to avoid EMF radiation. You cannot do away with some home appliances such as microwaves, washing machines and refrigerators. However, the EMF radiation they emit can be reduced by switching them off when not in use. This lowers the level of EMFs emitted in your home.

Create space

The intensity of EMF radiation decreases with space. Create space between yourself and the EMF source. If you are using a computer, keep a distance. This is said to reduce the EMF effects by over 80%. When on your phone, make sure that the phone is not in direct contact with your ear. Instead of earphones, think of using the loudspeaker to create space when on a call.

EMF pendants

There are products you can wear to protect yourself from EMF emissions. You can wear EMF protection jewellery wherever you go to be safe from such radiation. There are different types of radiation protection jewellery including necklaces, watches and rings. Do these pendants really work? The truth is, EMF protection pendants are effective. However, there are manufacturers supplying fake pendants. You can only be assured of EMF protection by choosing genuine protection jewellery.

There are several genuine manufacturers supplying quality and effective pendants. However, you need to do some research to know the best suppliers. One way is by reading online reviews from previous clients. You can also compare prices to find affordable EMF protection jewellery. There are pendants for men and women. The best thing is that no one can tell that you are wearing an EMF protection pendant.

Still wondering how this jewellery works? EMF protection pendants are fitted with a protective shield that reflects EMF radiation away from you. It is estimated that EMF pendants protect you from over 80% of radiation at all times.

Whether in the office or at home, make sure that you are protected from harmful magnetic and electronic fields. By choosing one of these suggestions, you will be safe from EMF-related health issues. These fields pose a great challenge to human life. They have been proven to cause severe and deadly diseases. As we embrace technology, let’s be wary of its effects, and take precautions.


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