Moving Tips to Help Keep Your Sanity (And Relationships) Intact

new house

Moving to a new home brings excitement.

It goes with that desire to start things anew. But before you fully enjoy your new abode, you must first, survive the quite daunting moving process.

Here are few tips to help you get by.

  • Label boxes. Number them as well to facilitate tracking.You will know right away whether something’s missing.  Ensure to write the number on all sides of the box (including the top) so you will not have a hard time checking.You never know whichever way movers will turn and toss the boxes. Do not forget to indicate as well (make sure it is easily seen) in case items inside the box are fragile. It will make everyone’s life easier if you can note as well which room or area in the house the boxes should be brought. Your friends, in case you enlist their help, would thank you for doing so.
  • It helps that you hire movers especially when you are to transport huge, sensitive equipment or appliances. See to it that you are coordinating with a licensed company so your belongings are insured no matter what happens. Read reviews about the service provided by the company. And most important, compare offers before you sign up for one. Your friends can offer valuable help packing and fixing furniture but do not give them a hard time.
  • Protect your valuables. Cover breakable items using thick garments such as winter coats. Wrap huge paintings and mirrors in blankets. Remove light bulbs from their lamps and stash them in ziploc containers, or sandwich bags. This will avoid them as well as the rest of your belongings from being damaged in transit.
  • If you must disassemble, place small parts such as screws in small ziploc bags. Indicate on each bag specific uses.
  • Another issue that movers face is arranging cords back the way they were. Avoid having to waste time figuring which should be connected to what. Label each cord where they should go. To double check whether you are doing it right, take a photo of the original arrangement you can use as guide.
  • Another strategy for easy unloading is assigning colors on each of the rooms so movers will know where to drop off boxes. In turn, boxes should be labeled using colored tapes or papers. Stretch wraps are useful to putting boxes together.
  • Save yourself from the hassles or arguing with difficult landlords. Keep evidence how your old home looks like when you leave. Take photos as well of the house you are moving into before you unload or arrange your things. When the time comes you will have to move out or take back the deposit you paid, you avoid being charged of unnecessary fees for repair.
  • Sort belongings. You may have some things you wanted to give away or donate to particular charitable institutions. You might even be interested in holding a garage sale. It’s hitting two birds in one stone. You are disposing things you no longer use and at the same time earning from them. You also end up with less things to move. Consider as well asking your friends who would help you move if they could use the items you are planning to dispose. This shall make good tokens for them taking the time to help you, for free.

You are likely to crave for a hot shower or freshening up after a long day packing and unpacking. Pack extra clothes separately to save you time. And, remember to keep your precious valuables such as gadgets with you to ensure they are secured. These items are eye candies for thieves. So it’s best that you keep them under your nose.


Author Bio:

Nettie Gray first experienced moving when she was in college. She coped with the help of her roommates. And she’s still good friends with those lovely ladies who also encouraged her to try write an essay for the school paper. She eventually became part of the writing staff.

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