Mineral Make-Up – Things You Need to Know

Is mineral make-up really healthy for your skin and better than the other cosmetics that are available today? A lot of women ask this question and the answer is very simple: Yes, mineral make-up is indeed better than regular make-up products, because it contains natural ingredients and you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals at all. Many off the shelf cosmetics contain chemicals that can suffocate your skin and cause it to look unhealthy once you wash your make-up. Natural products are always ideal for human body and this is why mineral make-up has been gaining popularity day by day.

What Does it Contain?

Mineral make-up contains finely-ground minerals. The most common minerals that are found in this type of make-up are zinc oxide, titanium oxide and mica. These 3 ingredients and the lack of other ingredients make this make-up better than others. Remember, the fewer ingredients your mineral make-up has, the purer it will be. Therefore, it will be better for your skin.


Always Check the Ingredients

Since mineral make-up has gained tremendous fame over the years, a lot of companies are taking unfair advantage by adding ingredients that are not really good. Remember, your mineral make-up must never contain any alcohol, dye or perfume. For example, one bad ingredient is Bismuth Oxychloride, which is a skin irritant and it can cause rashes and itching. Some other harmful ingredients that can cause irritation are synthetic dyes, ferric ferrocyanide, amorphous hydrated silica, talc, etc. So, always read the label and if you find these ingredients, then don’t buy that particular product.

Once you buy a mineral make-up with a few ingredients only, you will be able to enjoy many benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits now:

It will Not Clog the Pores

If you go to sleep with your regular make-up on, then it will cause pimples to pop up. The natural ingredients that are present in mineral make-up will not clog the pores. So, if you forget to wash your mineral make-up and go to sleep, nothing bad will happen.

Your Skin will be able to Breathe

It is light and allows your skin to breathe easily. You will not have to put thick layers of this make-up, because it will match your skin tone. It can even be used by those who have skin allergies, acne, irritable skin and eczema.

It will Protect Your Skin from Harmful UV Rays

Mineral make-up is excellent for women, who have to go out in hot weather, because of its water-resistant feature. It has a powerful mineral known as titanium oxide that is capable of protecting your skin against UV rays. When you use this make-up, you will not have to worry about applying sunscreen at all.

Use a Make-up Clean

It’s best to use a make-up clean to apply mineral make-up. You will get it with your make-up kit. It will give a smooth look to your skin.

After reading these important facts about mineral make-up, you can now easily conclude that mineral make-up is certainly better than regular make-up.
This post was written by Jeffery Glen, a senior research writer and expert analyst. He has written many articles related to health, beauty and weight loss. He highly recommends Syneron’s velashape .

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