Finding Relief from Weight Lifting Injuries

Did you know that weight lifting can cause serious injuries that impact the wrist and hand? These injuries could be so intense that surgery may be needed to find any relief. If you are a weight lifter, you should be aware of the options out there for you if you do end up getting injured from weight lifting.

Weight lifting injuries can include painful elbows and jammed fingers. Your hands are never really safe during weight lifting as accidents happen all the time. These injuries might seem like a minor problem, but if you do not get the proper care, they could end up turning into serious injuries. This is why you should always meet with the best hand surgeon in Tempe to receive treatment right away if you injure your hand or wrist while weight lifting.

Common Weight Lifting Injuries

Injuries can be minor, extreme or lead to chronic pain. These injuries are usually caused from repetitive heavy strain, especially while weight lifting.

Tendonitis – tissue that connects the muscles and bones becomes inflamed.

  • Trigger Finger – form of tendonitis where the finger gets stuck in a bent position before snapping straight.
  • DeQuervain’s – form of tendonitis affecting tendons of the wrist on the thumb side.

TFCC (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Tear) – tear of cartilage structure in the finger or wrist that can cause chronic wrist pain.

Tennis Elbow – tendon on the outside of the forearm tears away from the bone. Keep in mind, this is NOT just for tennis players.

Optimal Care

When looking for relief from weight lifting injuries, you want to look for a surgeon that delivers optimal care. The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute is well-known for their state of the art techniques, use of only high-quality equipment and extraordinary customer service. Dr. Fitzmaurice can help you find the relief you need from injuries like carpal tunnel to tennis elbow and other common weight lifting injuries.

Dr. Fitzmaurice is experienced as a double certified hand surgeon, offering same day surgery for fast recovery. You don’t want permanent damage from not receiving treatment or not receiving the right treatment.

As the top carpal tunnel doctor in Tempe, Dr. Fitzmaurice specializes in minimally invasive hand surgery as an alternative to ordinary hand surgery. This approach is the safest approach leaving less room for surgical error and giving you the best outcome possible. The Endotech Nerve Release System leaves patients with less pain and less scarring. Plus, most patients recover in just one week. Normal surgery usually requires 6-8 weeks of recovery time. That is a long time to be out of work and to impact daily activities including your weight lifting hobby. Dr. Fitzmaurice is revolutionizing hand and wrist surgery with his Endotech Nerve Release Surgery as it has the most advanced visualization for the surgeon, with extreme clarity.

Emergency Injuries

Unfortunately, there are times when either an emergency happens or your weight lifting injury gets so painful, that you are unable to handle it. Dr. Fitzmaurice also offers the Hand & Wrist Urgent Care for any hand emergency Arizona. Patients still receive optimal care and customer service at the emergency clinic and it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. Just like at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute, patients will receive same day onsite diagnostics and treatment, even same day surgery.

You never want to take a hand injury lightly and with the expertise from Dr. Fitzmaurice at either the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute or the Hand & Wrist Urgent Care, you will be able to get the right treatment for your injury, leaving you pain free fast!

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