Family Adventures 101: Pointers to Consider When Traveling with Kids

kidsontravelingTraveling with the kids is not entirely a walk in the park.

You can make it fun and memorable though with adequate planning. Take your travel itinerary seriously, as though you are writing essays for college paper. Never depend on luck. Kids possess charm, which can help make your life easier. But not all travelers are alike. Some just do not appreciate traveling with, let alone having young ones around.

Keep your cool. Do other travelers a favor.  Remember these tips when planning your trip.

  • Look for a consistent place where you can stay so the child does not have to adjust every night. Chances are they will really find it hard to sleep if every night they will have to get used to a new environment. Also, you might want to look into the option of renting an entire house. This will help kids cope easier as the place they are staying has features similar to your home.
  • Invite friends. Traveling with another family might help as your kids would have playmates. You will not have to be the one providing round the clock entertainment for the young ones. You can even switch roles with your fellow parents looking after young travelers so you can take a rest, or enjoy some private time as a couple. You also will not have to worry that much about teenagers in tow. They are likely to enjoy when they have friends joining them for the trip. And another advantage of going with another family over is cutting down expenses. You can divide the cost of everything – from accommodation, travel to food – to several people. The more the merrier, indeed.
  • Take kids traveling with you as early as possible. You probably have heard parents say they will wait for their kids to grow up first before they will take with them to trips, so they can avoid headaches. This is as well so kids can enjoy more, believing they will only begin to appreciate travels once they can already think on their own. But, as much as possible, start traveling with your kids early on. They might not be able to fully understand the purpose of traveling but sure, they will be thrilled to embark on a faraway adventure with you.
  • Let them eat what they want. Kids are by nature picky eaters. So stash snacks in your pack that they recognize and love. If you are traveling by plane, there’s no guarantee that the foods served are child-friendly. And kids are nothing like us as eaters. They are highly reluctant to trying new dishes. They are usually only comfortable with home-cooked meals.
  • Do not overdo your itinerary. Ensure that there is enough  time for everyone,especially the kids, to take a rest. Remember they cannot move as fast as you can and you cannot force them to keep up with your pace. So slow down. Consider there are little ones in the group. If you are to book flights, avoid connecting flights. These flights are much stressful as compared to those wherein you need not transfer carriers.


Finally, avoid rush hour. Kids will never appreciate the beauty in getting stuck in one place over a long period. Chances are everyone’s emotions is intense during these times. Attendants, for instance, are struggling to accommodate queries from travelers. There is traffic everywhere you go. The pressure even heightens when your kids start throwing tantrums. So time the travel carefully. If you can take the trip off peak, then the better.

Author Bio:

Nettie Gray enjoys the company of kids during travels. It makes her feel younger and more energetic, as long as people would not go asking the young travelers about their age.


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