Detox the Natural Way

If you suffer from any of the myriad symptoms of toxicity, your health could benefit from the use of foot detox pads. Because of the toxic environment we inhabit, many people have wrongfully assumed that many of the symptoms of toxicity are just a part of life, or in particular, growing older. It is never normal, however, to be in pain of feel sickly.


If these symptoms are a part of your daily life, your body is probably struggling with the effects of toxins. Sluggish bowel, gas and bloating, unclear thinking, memory loss, headaches, allergies, bad breath, overeating, issues with circulation, tiring easily, depression or mood swings, joint pain, skin problems, and cellulite can all mean that your body is in need of detoxification.

If you have wondered about the efficacy of detox pads, you can rely on both visual proof and laboratory results to confirm that they work. After using foot detox pads examine the color and compare it to that of unused pads. The darkened color offers proof you can see. If you prefer more scientific methods, SRC Analytical Lab ran tests on used pads that revealed the presence of more than a dozen harmful chemical substances. These included, but were not limited to, PCB, arsenic, asbestos, isopropyl alcohol, and dangerous heavy metals.

If you are curious about the toxicity levels of your own body, you can use the hair analysis kit to provide before and after tests. This encouraging health profile provides a personalized look at exactly how Body Pure’s detox pads are working to improve your health. Between this and the 100% satisfaction money back guarantee the company offers, you can test the pads with no risk.

Body Pure has a reputation you can trust. As a small, family owned and operated company, they pride themselves of safe, effective products and an extremely high customer satisfaction rate. Its founder, Dr. Vinograd, is a holistic dentist and Naturopathic Doctor, and he has devoted his career to helping people care for their bodies in holistic ways. He created detox pads over a decade ago, and in that time, he has devoted himself to research and product improve, continuously offering you the best product he can bring to the public.

The pads are completely safe and very easy to use. You simply adhere them to the kidney meridian on the sole of the foot before going to bed and remove them in the morning. They work while you sleep, which is a great time to use them, as one symptom of toxicity is insomnia!

Twice as strong as any other pad on the market, Body Pure uses all natural tree sap extract to help you detox. The pads work in two ways to help your body detoxify. They interact directly with cells, improving their function, while simultaneously increasing circulation which speed up the rate and which the body expels harmful substances through the pores.

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