Cut the expense of a Hair transplant in Thailand – and no bull

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Pretty much the only way of replacing your thinning crowning glory is with a hair transplant. In Thailand, you’ll save thousands on what’s an expensive procedure, and get to enjoy a holiday at the same time, taking the sting out of what can be a pretty tedious procedure.

A cock and bull story

It’s one of the things most men dread – hair loss – and when it happens we try all sorts of products and rituals to stop it. From the wacky and weird to the wild and worrisome. Frankly, some of the treatments are so ridiculous but it just goes to show what lengths some men will go to in order to keep hold of the hair on their head – bull semen hair loss treatments, anyone? Yes – that is actually a thing – and deemed appropriate to support hair growth because the high concentration of protein in the bull emissions is meant to stimulate keratin production – one of the chief proteins in hair. If that’s the case, why not eggs, or avocados? At least their provenance is less dubious.

Anyhow, we digress. The point is, that the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery estimates that over $2 billion is spent annually worldwide by men trying to alleviate their hair loss problems. It seems a lot, but what price would you put on self-esteem and confidence?

The Cost of Hair Transplants

One of the reasons hair transplants are so prohibitive is the cost. In New Zealand and Australia the cost for an average hair transplant of around 1800 grafts is around $18,000, but compare the cost of a hair transplant in Thailand at around $8,000 and it’s easy to see why a trip to Thailand for the surgery becomes a viable option.

Hair Transplants in Thailand

Most Kiwis and Aussies are well aware of Thailand’s charms as a holiday destination, with the most popular vacation spots also a good bet for clinics offering hair transplants to international patients, here are a few worth taking a look at in Bangkok and Phuket.

Bangkok’s attractions as a destination are obvious. A mesmerising city that never sleeps that combines the ancient and modern to offer visitors exactly the right balance of traditional culture and contemporary living.

  • The Yanhee Hospital Health & Beauty has been established since 1984 and is one of Thailand’s, if not Asia’s, centers of excellence. It is JCI accredited.
  • Kamol Hospital is also JCI accredited and has been in existence for 9 years. Led by Dr Kamol, a highly-acclaimed plastic surgeon who has performed tens of thousands of surgeries, the highly-skilled team here offer a multi-disciplinary approach from oral surgery to gynaecology.

Phuket remains Thailand’s laid-back holiday island. From hipster Phuket Town to partying Patong with secret beaches to really get-away-from-it-all, the island is great for medical tourists.

  • Bangkok Hospital (Phuket) has received numerous awards, including the Thailand Tourism Awards and the Prime Ministers Award Thailand.
  • Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute is a one-stop clinic aiming to be the go-to destination for cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Don’t mess around with spurious treatments that don’t work, get hair transplants in Thailand you can afford that are proven reliable – and make the most of a holiday while you’re there.

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