5 Signs Your Marriage Is On The Rocks

5 Signs Your Marriage Is On The RocksThe divorce rate in America currently stands at 50 percent. Furthermore, there is only a 0.66 percent chance that any given marriage will last for ten years. Whether it’s simply from cooling passions or a grievous transgression, a failing marriage can be difficult. While some people split up as soon as the going gets tough, many others would prefer to work things out. The first step to this is knowing whether there are problems in your relationship. Here are five signs that your marriage is on the rocks.


Fighting Constantly


If you and your spouse frequently bicker and verbally attack one another, especially for petty things, then it’s a sure sign that your marriage is in trouble. In most cases, this behavior stems from feelings of resentment, betrayal or even guilt. Attacking each other by bringing up old issues from years ago can also signal that there are unresolved emotions that need to be worked through.




When a marriage is struggling, it’s not uncommon for one or both parties to start being unfaithful. If you or your spouse find yourselves seeking the intimate company of another person, it’s never a good sign. If there are already hurt and bitter feelings between you, cheating is only going to make them substantially worse. Something like this is a blow that most marriages don’t recover from.




It’s completely normal for the frequency of sex to drop off after being with someone for several years. However, if you never have sex or only have it once every few months, there might be a problem, particularly if the lack of drive isn’t affecting both of you. If one person is interested but the other is not, it has likely bred some level of resentment and frustration.


Sleeping Separately


When a married couple starts sleeping in separate beds, especially in separate rooms, it’s a big, blaring alarm that things are in bad shape. By the time a partnership gets to this point, things are usually pretty ugly. Head to a Sacramento divorce attorney as soon as possible and save yourselves the misery of an unhappy marriage.


Too Good to be True


Is your marriage too peaceful? Do you and your spouse never have arguments or disagreements? Do your interactions feel scripted, rehearsed or falsely cheerful? Are either of you unbothered by a lack of quality time? If so, things are definitely amiss. All couples fight occasionally, and some experts even believe that it’s healthy. A couple that has a perfect-seeming Stepford marriage often has deeper issues than couples who have fleeting disagreements.

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